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Columbus/Bartholomew Branch 3071

Ethnic Expo
2022 Answers

Thank you for participating!

In effort to educate attendees at the 2022 Ethnic Expo, we invite you to take our Passport Quiz! Answer the questions to your best ability to receive your final score at the end!

Passport Questions and Answers

Q1: What is the oldest Historic Black College and University still in operation?

A1: Cheyney University of Pennsylvania founded in 1837.


Q2: How many African American Greek Organization exist?


A2: Nine

Omega Psi Phi                                                 

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Alpha Phi Alpha                                             

Delta Sigma Theta

Kappa Alpha Psi                                             

Zeta Phi Beta

Phi Beta Sigma                                                

Sigma Gamma Rho

Iota Phi Theta


Q3: How many HBCUs are considered to be “Black Ivy League”

A3: Seven:

Fisk University

Howard University


Hampton University                                  

Morehouse College

Tuskegee University                                   

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

Morgan State University


Q4: How many HBCUs are there?

A4: There are 101


Q5: What is the name of the African American Ballet Company?

A5: Dance Theatre of Harlem, also known as the Harlem Ballet, founded 1955


Q6: What are the most popular Christian Denomination faiths in the African American Community?

A6: Seven

African Methodist Episcopalian

African Methodist Episcopal Zion

Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

Church of God in Christ

United Methodist Church

Presbyterian Church (USA)


         National Baptist Convention

         Progressive Baptist Convention

         The Baptist Convention of America


Q7: What is the way Black people got married until 1866?

A7: They jumped the broom


Q8: What was the first commercial successful rap record?

A8: Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight


Q9: Who is the Godfather of Soul?

A9: James Brown


Q10: Who created the Rock n Roll sound?

A10: Chuck Berry


Q11: Who was the 1st Black woman to become a Doctor of Medicine?

A11: Rebecca Lee Crampon


Q12: Who was the 1st Black Supreme Court Justice?

A12: Thurgood Marshall


Q13: Who was the first Black person to receive an Oscar?

A13: Hattie B. McDaniel


Q14: Who was the 1st Black person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

A14: Ralph Bunchee for arragning the cease fire between the Israelis and Arabs


Q15: What is Juneteenth?

A15: The day the last salve was freed in Galveston, TX on June 19th, 1865


Q16: Who is considered the most famous African American Soldier?

A16: Henry Johnson of the Harlem Hellfighters


Q17: What were the Black Soldiers Calvary Troops nicknamed by Native Americans?

A17: The Buffalo Soldiers


Q18: Who is the African American artist famous for the “Migration Series”

A18: Jacob Lawrence


Q19: Who is the poet that delivered the poem “The Hill We Climb” at the 46th Presidential Inauguration?

A19: Amanda Gorham


Q20: Who is photojournalist the help chronicle the Civil Rights Movement and Black poverty?

A20: Gordon Parks


Q21: What is the genre of food African Americans are most famous for?

A21: Soul Food

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